Welcome to Bryn Brooke Manor Guests often remark that our glorious Victorian is a labor of love, and we quite agree with them. Only love would sustain the time and hard work necessary for a Victorian restoration. For our 19 seasons on the hill, the  gratifying result is a beautiful and unique property perfect for your memorable visit to Cooperstown. You’ll enjoy nineteenth century charm with 21st century convenience .

The “Manse” Upon purchase of our real estate adventure, our dear friend Melissa dubbed it “The Manse”and we have embraced that endearing term since. According to the Messrs. Merriam and Webster a manse is either “the dwelling of a householder,” “the home of a Presbyterian minister,” or “a large imposing residence.” It is certainly the first and third. We once housed our good friend, Lin, a Presbyterian minister, for a month, so we qualify on all fronts.

Bryn Brooke in winter

What’s in a name? “Bryn Brooke Manor”

For years our property was known as The McKim House, in honor of its original owner, Robert McKim, a Brooklyn physician. However, due to its style and era, it was often mistakenly thought of as a Charles McKim creation, of the renown architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White. To add to the confusion, Robert and Charles McKim were contemporaries and members of the same NYC men’s club. The house was actually designed by the NYC  firm of Babb, Cook, and Willard. Mr. Babb was a teacher of Charles McKim.

We filed all that intriguing history, putting the confusion to rest, and created Bryn Brooke Manor. “Bryn” means “hill” in Welsh, and happens to be a diminutive of the Gaelic name “Brenda.” Bryn Brooke sits imposingly on a hillside. “Brooke” is the lovely Elizabeth’s middle name; “Manor” reflects the building’s architecture.

John, Elizabeth, and Brenda about 2000.

The Rules of the House – What you need to know before staying with us. A few of the grittier details.

Your Breakfast – A little bit about how we do breakfast here at Bryn Brooke Manor.